About AdAir

Experience Has Benefits

We Deliver What You Need

Your event is too important to not use the latest technology. We listen to your needs and provide the best approach and innovative solutions.

We Know Innovation

The AdAir difference is experience. Our systems and services are the industry's best. Our experienced team will meet your unique needs.

We're Not Just a Service Provider. We're Your Partner.

Event and venue needs fluctuate, grow and evolve in ways you may or may not be able to anticipate. We can help create not just a solution, but a logistical strategy that will be a Force Multiplier in innovative solutions. Stay ahead of the crowd and the constantly changing surveillance environment with AdAir.

We Are Earth Friendly!

We have a small carbon footprint and an extreme line of site.

We Listen and Adapt to Your Unique Needs.

We've built our reputation on excellence in innovation, quality of service and a constant focus on serving our customers unique needs.


Some of the Customized & Proprietary Services We Offer Include:

  • Aerial Imagery, Video Security, 
  • Parking and Traffic Monitoring & Solutions 
  • Stabilized HD Aerial Video Services
  • Remote Viewing of Event Logistics
  • Stabilized Aerial HD& EO/IR Video Services
  • Ground Station Command Center Services featuring
  • Satellite Internet, HD Monitoring and Weather Systems  
  • Extreme HD Event Sill Imagery
  • Panoramic HD “Billion Pixel” Still Imagery 
  • Empowering Analytics
  • TIme-Lapse